Monday, 9 September 2013


Hello for the first time in about a year. I hope i'm back to stay.
I will be posting about things relevant to my life. coming soon is a post on my first day of sixth form and one about dealing with friends or family moving away ad how to deal with it.
Speak to you soon

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Well hello to you

I know 2012 was a big year for many especially for Britain with the queens diamond jubelie and all that jazz, the Olympics etc etc, for me personally it was a good year I had the best holiday I have ever had and will ever have I'm pretty sure, but I feel like coming into 2013 that it holds something good. This year I will be sitting my GCSEs have a prom and have an extra long summer holiday, turn 16, basically this year holds promise of a lot of good. The first two days have been ok, I had a lovely new years day with my family, which was lovely but today I have really only done work apart from writing this post which is not so much fun.

To make this year more memorable I would like it to be the first year I keep my new year resolutions, every other year I fail miserably. As part of that I am going to become a more frequent and better blogger. I know I have said this many times before but I am hoping that this year I can get my act together. Unlike every year I feel positive about what 2013 holds and what I can archive this year. One of my resolutions is to find the balance between work and play, I know this is a bit cheesey but with many exams this year I feel that this balance is something that will hopefully help me through this and set me up for most of my working life. 

A little longer than usual so I am sorry for that

Bye for now

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Something that could be useful

Hello lovelies heres just a little something that I thought could be useful to you if you like makeup or just a bargain. Now i'm not sure if this is at every Superdrug but I definitely know that it isn't online but at the moment until some point in january, when you spend £6 or over at Superdrug you get the artist pallet free which is usually £6 by on it's own. This pallet contains six merge eye shadows, two blushes, one bronzer and a highlighter. I personally thought this was  good deal and just wanted to share it with you all. I hope that if you celebrated christmas you had a lovely time this year.

Here is the MUA website go and have a nosey, they have some really lovely makeup products at affordable prices. I am feeling little post about MUA in general is coming.

Signing off now

Monday, 29 October 2012

Spooky and creative

Hello beauties, (still trying to find a good hello)

Today I made some halloween buns, to get in the halloween mood and I am quite proud of them so I thought I would share them with you lovely people.

Little goshts and bats, and they were so simple to make and of course in bat bun cases. I don't think they're brilliant but they are sweet anyways, what are you doing to get into the halloween mood.
Josie xxx

Friday, 26 October 2012

Bloggers block

People of the web i'm just saying hello,
I have posts coming,  was thinking maybe a haul, and a couple of reviews and some others ones but I am just worried that I am boring you all but I have decided to carry it on anyway, I am sorry if you hat this sort of thing
Signing off now
Joise xxx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Some days are harder than others and all you want to do is curl up into a ball and cry, if you have those days which i'm sure you do I would love to know how you personally get through them. I have three ways which i will share with you and they go as follows;
1. Plough through with a smile on your face and go to bed early and just feel sorry for your self
2. Give up completly
3. Look towards somebody who has done something youn admire, this doesn't have to be someone who has climbed mount Everst, it doesn't have to be somebody well known, it could even be someone in your school or who works with you that you don't particualy. I find a person and imagin them telling me what they do and try to copy what they might do. I'm sure that person takes it out on other people sometimes but I try to imagin the best of them and the best way they get over these things.

This post isn't a deep meaningful post it is just something that I felt like writing. I have wote this quickly and so I have not checked my spelling or grammer so I aplogise for that and if I have made simple mistakes it's not me being lazy, it's just I can't spell and I usally check everyword before I write it but I don't have time for that today
If you ever read this blog, even if it's only once a year please let me know that would lift my spirts and make me smile.

Thank you for reading


Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Idea

Hello lovelies,

When I started ths blog I meant to talk about DIYs and such but I lost my confidence and didn't really write anything. All I did seem to write was hauls and to be truthful that is not what I set out to do and I can't keep it up so I have recently got some confidence back and so I am going to try and do what I originally set out to d
Not many people read this so I don't really think that this will impact anyones life except mine.

Ok so the new idea is for me to basically write about things that some people many find boring and unimportant but to me make everyday slightly better than if they did not happen. In less words the little, simple things in life.

For example today I went to the corner shop and an old lady who was evidently in a rush was behind me by several people in the queue. (thrilling story so far right) I wasn't in a rush and I asked her if she would like to swap with me at first she said she was fine but I insisted and she gladly excepted. On the way out, she came up to me and told me that I had made her day and this intern made my day because I had made somebody else's day slightly better.

To me the small things in life count such as that. I'm sorry if you actually read this blog and this to you is boring, but I hope by putting this out into the world that it could either make somebodys day better or inspire someone to make some random persons day better even if it's just a smile.

I also hope to give ideas for things such as cakes or partys ect I hope you will like the new idea!

Thank you very much